EmUrgent Health | Extension
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We see the underlying trends in the market and help you to position your business to minimize risk and maximize success in the future.

Whether you want to optimize fee for service or transition value based reimbursement  population health management is here and the wave of the future. Your practice’s “risk readiness” needs to be assessed. We will help you determine where you need to be, what services you need to offer, and who you could work with to maximize your market share, reduce potential patient leakage and provide high quality cost effective services that meet and exceed the needs of your patients and stakeholders.

In any physician practice, if you are only looking at patient volume, you're doing it wrong. You can improve patient satisfaction scores and grow your business by focusing on the patients' immediate and long term needs. What do your patients need?

Planning for Growth

Too often we hear that “we’re going gangbusters” only to find that the volume of patients who left without being seen is an “unknown” number to management and actual revenues are declining. Planning for growth begins with an accurate assessment of market demand and payer mix and a good strategy for additional staffing, space and locations. It involves gathering data from multiple sources and projecting what the future might look like if you are  to be successful. The problem with many clients isn’t that they think too big, it’s that they think too small, and when their 1400 square foot center is at capacity, the time to plan was yesterday.  We can help your start up or your current facility plan for success and meet the demands of the future.

Population Health

The hottest topic in healthcare is is how to manage thousands of people under a capitated system without having leakage to competing entities, whether they are freestanding or another hospital. You can try to manage with your current practices and hospital ED and hope for the best, or you can develop new urgent and emergent care delivery models and meet the needs of your changing market. Where are all the new healthcare Exchange patients going? Do they have a primary care physician?  What’s their copays and deductibles? How are they being screened the first encounter they have in the health care system?  This is an enormous area of opportunity or threat to your health system.

Mixed Use Centers

There has been much talk about  “mixed use facilities”, where occupational health or physical therapy may also be offered as part of urgent care centers. But what we call “emUrgent Care” is where we believe the market is heading. Put simply, emUrgent care is a tailor made facility for your market. It’s not just a few medical specialties under one roof but an integrated urgent care model that will revolutionize the industry and lead the way to successful population health management. Let us tell you about our “special sauce” and how you will dominate your market with this model.