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We will be there with a road map for success of your tailor made plan to dominate your market. We are your partner in the execution and implementation of a successful business plan .

We can be with you every step from planning, site selection and floor plans to hiring and planning opening day. Whether evaluating a practice for acquisition or working on data analytics, benchmarking and best practices, we give you the tools to ignite your growth or help you launch your new facilities. We deliver results that not only help you to survive the coming tsunami of change in health care but help you thrive and be the best in class center(s), practices, health system,  or ACO.

A successful physician practice or urgent care facility is not a destination or an end point. It is something that must be constantly evaluated, changed and improved. Team buy in and accountability must be revisited often. Ultimate success is driven by the health and satisfaction of your patients.

Start Ups

Seems simple enough. If you’ve opened any kind of practice before it’s the same right? Do the same regulations apply? How will you structure ownership? Will it need its own Tax ID number? How will you bill if it’s under the PC?  What about physician assistants? Does the consultant have a conflict of interest when he/she recommends an electronic health record (EHR)?  What if a competitor opens up down the street? Will I anger area primary care physicians? We can help you navigate these issues and be a successful, compliant center out of the gate.

Turn Key

Just as it sounds.  We do everything for you from planning and site selection to grand opening, should you choose to open your own centers.  We can also provide a limited number of services such as, vendor selection for x-ray equipment,  architects, construction or, supplies and ancillary services. Or if you want urgent care but not the bricks and mortar, we can help with that as well.

Turn Arounds

This is a word private owners or hospitals may not like to use but it’s not a bad word.  Its just a fact of doing business. Sometimes practices or centers have reached a point in their life cycle that they begin to decline. Or maybe you opened up 6 months to a year ago and the volumes just aren’t there. What could it be?  Poor visibility? Bad reputation? Are we viewed as too crowded or having too long a wait times? Is the staff rude to patients? Is there a new competitor that’s taking our business? Do we have the right marketing plan or the wrong management?  Do we have poor contracts, billing systems or coding issues? Whatever the reason, we will turn your center(s) around or recommend strategic alternatives.


We’ve had experience with multiple turnarounds and I am pleased to say that all of them are doing very well.

Ownership Models

The ownership of urgent care centers is a critical facet of the business. It will affect the cost of construction, the way and amount you can bill, as well as any contracting, compliance or Stark issues that can come from an improper ownership model. There are wholly owned models, departments of the hospital, freestanding, physician owned and various types of corporations that will also have tax consequences. Getting the right advice and knowing your state and local laws and regulations, as well as intended use, are key drivers in your decision.