EmUrgent Health | Insight
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We have been working in physician practices and urgent care since 1985 and have seen the evolution of the industry and understand the value it provides to patients as well as overall population health.

We also understand what value it has to you, whether you are a hospital or health system, physician group or private facility. While each owner has many of the same objectives, each of you have your own specific goals that we understand and will help you to succeed.


We know that each market is also different and your patient populations may have different needs. We work with you to help you provide the best in class facilities that uniquely meet the needs of your patients and insure the highest quality care and patient satisfaction.


We have experience and success in every facet of physician practices, urgent care and outpatient facilities, from benchmarking and strategic planning, to site selection and development, start ups, turn key operations, business plans and over all operational performance. In addition, our medical directors are experts in urgent care, internal medicine, family practice, occupational health, addiction medicine, behavioral health and have owned their own practices.

We believe that urgent care and emerging practice models are the foundation of a successful implementation of population health management. They are the portal of entry to any health system and the funnel to better health status and outcomes, which will ultimately drive your success and profitability.

Complete Operational Analysis

We will do a complete operational assessment of your practice which includes an analysis of procedures, revenue cycle, accounting, purchasing, business plans, services, metrics, quality control, risk management, documentation, staffing, compensation, culture and professionalism.

Market Analysis

This will include an in depth look at competitors, comparative analysis to your facilities, footprint, populations served, market penetration, payers, health plans and rates, employers, service, growth, new site opportunities, projections, demographics and trends.

Financial Analysis

We review all financials, including billing and collections, in a proprietary manner, for variances that impact growth or revenue, as well as, physician or provider practice patterns. Financial analysis will often be an indicator other issues.

Performance Analysis

How is the health of your business? Do you track patient satisfaction scores, employee morale, turnover, costs, supplies and revenue? We determine how you are performing against metrics and benchmarks, and analyze differences that impact profitability.