EmUrgent Health | Strategy
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Our experience helps healthcare entities approach their centers with a business and population health perspective

It’s been our experience that the only way to develop a sound strategy is to understand the customer and their market. Our goal is to provide you with a tailor made plan for your clinics or centers. We will either guide you through the process of owning your own urgent care centers or help you diagnose and execute a plan to improve the performance of your business and grow your market to meet your objectives.

We believe the urgent care model must change and evolve to meet the needs of population health management. The emUrgent Care Center will be the new model for better health status and outcomes, driving your success well into the future.

Business Plans

Whether it’s a start up or an existing business, we help you develop plans to grow your market in both share and penetration. We do this by clarifying your goals and giving you our insights on where to focus to maximize “patient value” and have success in your practice. We take a population health management perspective and ACO mindset into account when developing our plans and not just a focus on “volume”. CMS has said by 2018 they will sunset 50% of fee for service payments. We make sure you’re ready.

Marketing Plans

How do you reach your market? Who is your market?  Do you speak their language or meet them where they live? Good marketing plans focus on the scarce resources of a budget and how to maximize touch points. How you engage the patients in the market is more important than how much you spend on radio, TV and newspaper.  Social media has made much of that obsolete. Our approach emphasizes interaction, collaboration and diversity.

Clinic Model Development

Times are changing and so is urgent care. There are now a myriad of urgent care or express care type facilities depending on the need or state regulations. Pharmacies and supermarkets are opening clinics and Walmart and other corporations are also looking into the industry. Will there be too much supply? How will all this shake out? We believe there is a right way and wrong way to develop urgent care in each market. Choosing the wrong model can be an expensive learning experience unless you make the right decision for your market. Our expertise and analytics will save you time and money.

Revenue Cycle Management

Its been said “no money, no mission” and we firmly believe that. Revenue cycle management is more than getting bills out the door. It’s about competent staff, solid training, timely filing, the right electronic health record and accurate coding by providers. What’s more, you may be leaving money on the table by not auditing your receivables. Getting it right the first time is critical to the health of your practice. We know how to optimize your revenue cycle and find the hidden keys that unlock your potential.